Shit my Keto roommate says via /r/vegan

Shit my Keto roommate says

When I’m making a smoothie: “Bro that shit is so bad for you all that sugar is unhealthy” proceeds to make bacon wrapped cordon bleu for the 3rd night in a row.

When I offer him toast: “Bro you know I don’t eat that shit all those carbs are horrible for your body” asks his friend if he wants to get ponko fried chicken

When I don’t mention veganism even once: “See Im not saying that eating meat is right, it’s just that veganism isn’t sustainable as a diet, plus I want to be able to hunt for my own meat with a bow and arrow. Joe Rogan does it!” not kidding he thinks he’s gonna do that…

When I mention Keto is more extreme as a “diet” than being vegan: “There’s nothing extreme about cutting out carbs and sugars completely from your diet” replaces carbs and sugars with unhealthy amounts of meat. Dude literally has a ziploc baggy labeled Duck Fat 🤢 in the freezer.

That’s what I have to deal with y’all.