Sign this petition to have animal abuser, Ssoyoung banned from YouTube. via /r/vegan

Sign this petition to have animal abuser, Ssoyoung banned from YouTube.

Ssoyoung is a popular creator on Youtube, with over five million subscribers, she is considered to be one of the most controversial members of the "Today I'm Eating" or "Mukbang" community on the platform, however, she has been criticized in recent years for using the popularity of food focused content, as an excuse to showcase animal torture under the guise that she is simply sharing exotic food with the world. In her videos, she films herself torturing marine life; including Octopuses, Turtles, Eels, and Squid.

Ssoyoung has filmed herself crushing live Octopuses, stretching and breaking off the arms and tentacles of live Squids, pouring salt into a drained, personal aquarium full of live Eels (dehydrating them to death over one to two hours), and boiling Turtles to death.

It is unacceptable for YouTube to remove content featuring sex, nudity, and other explicit, controversial topics, while continuing to provide an animal abuser with an open platform to profit from torturing animals.

I won't link Ssoyoungs videos because I think that most people who are aware of the situation, have already seen clips, and i'd prefer to not give her content any more views. If anyone was not aware of this YouTube channel before reading this post, these videos are incredibly graphic, they are painful and traumatic to watch, and are reminiscent of other animal torture videos circulating the internet.

Please sign the petition from Change.Org, and tell others to do the same.

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