Spirulina powder is disgusting!!! How to take it? via /r/veganrecipes

Spirulina powder is disgusting!!! How to take it?

Hi wonderful vegan humans.

So I bought some powdered spirulina the other day after reading up on its benefits, which it has a bunch of, one of the most interesting ones being its 70g of protein per 100g. That's really nuts! And it has many other benefits too.

However… It's absolutely revolting!!! For real, I handle weird tastes quite well. I often don't mind tastes that others find unpleasant, sometimes I even enjoy them, but this… this is on another level! I get nausea when taking it. Plus it's recommened to be taken first thing in the morning before your breakfast. Force-drinking a nauseuous shake of spirulina isn't really the way I like to start my day…!

So far I have tried to take it mixed in a glass of water, also in a "shot" version with just a small amount of water (just as bad, it turned into a horrid thick paste), and mixed in with a fruit shake (I tried apple, lemon and spirulina shake). All have been so disgusting that I just threw it down the drain, not being able to drink more than 3 sips.

One may ask, "why the hell would you force yourself to such an unpleasant experience?". I am even asking that question to myself now. However, I already bought it, and it is really healthy, so…

Do you have recommendations to make the horrid taste less noticeable?

I know there's capsule versions of it, but its three times more expensive. Im about to give up trying, but maybe you people have some ideas for it. Thanks!!!

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