The influx of carnists to this sub right now… via /r/vegan

The influx of carnists to this sub right now…

Without naming the other sub, it is currently somewhat raiding ours due to a certain post being on this site's front page with over 50k likes.

I have actually been thoroughly reading the entire post and trawling through comments looking to find a strong argument to convert me back to carnism which would satisfy a small urge to hop in my car and drive to KFC (an old favourite of mine pre veganism).

However… all that has happened from reading all the comments there is it's reinforced a truth I already know: not a single good argument for carnism exists. It's the same tired old arguments of 'lol but our ancestors ate meat' or 'lol but bacon tho' or 'we need meat to survive!' or 'lol animals arent equal to humans' or 'pesticides kill animals!' etc. The same stuff I have already dealt with time and time again.

Future generations are going to be embarassed looking back at this. For such a 'liberal' site I feel carnism and redditors attitude to veganism is the real 'reddit moment'.

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