There is NO such thing as “responsible dog breeders” via /r/vegan

There is NO such thing as “responsible dog breeders”

People would rather pay $10,000 for a French Bulldog puppy, than pay $1000 to have a HEALTHY rescue dog properly trained.

You CAN adopt. I'm so tired of reddit's online dog community making excuses for why 640,000 dogs are put down every year in shelters in the states and in Australia.

Finding the right dog can take a long time, possibly years! And that's fine. A dog isn't some impulsive 'feel good' commodity. They are a living being with the capability to suffer, and yearn.

There are multiple apologist threads on /r/dogs that just fucking piss me off. They make it seem as if shelters are solely filled with highly reactive pit bulls that were used in dog fights and have previously mauled a child.

Just shut up and admit you want a pure bred puppy to fulfill your fantasy of aesthetic and ownership ease.

The organization I work for is FULL of dogs of different breeds, histories, temperaments, ages, and genders. Shopping for an animal is NEVER your only option. It's just your most convenient one.

Forcibly Impregnating a dog is BAD for their health. Not fixing your dog is BAD for their health. You are making choices for your dog that are BAD for their health in order to reap a profit. Nothing about that is ethical nor responsible.

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