“Tricked” meat eater cousin into having vegan cheese via /r/vegan

“Tricked” meat eater cousin into having vegan cheese

I’m on vacation with my cousin and all week he’s been giving me grief about how impractical being vegan is and how disgusting my subs must be.

Turns out all week he’s been accidentally putting my violife cheddar shreds on all his food.

When I was making my breakfast sammy earlier he said “why are you using cheese?” I replied that it was vegan cheese and he was dumbfounded.

Told me that he’s been wrong, that my vegan cheese is amazing. He’d even been eating it straight from the bag as a snack uncooked.

He’s not interested in going vegan, but he says that he’s done ragging on me about it. Small win 🥇 but I’m happy!

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