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Vegan “Cheat” Days.

It’s the last days of school, where I work, and the coworkers brought some tacos to work.

They’ve been cool all year, know I’m vegan, I answered a few of their questions and then that was that. They know not to ask me if they’re going out to grab a bite to eat, because I’ll say no thank you since it’s always stuff I don’t eat.

Anyways, taco Friday or whatever, they start pressuring me to try these “amazing” tacos they got from some new place, and I said no, sorry, I don’t eat meat.

Don’t know what was different today but they just kept going, kept offering, and eventually one of them said, “come on, you can have a cheat day, you don’t have to eat vegan every day!”

Lost the patience I had left. I didn’t say anything loudly, just kind of lost the smile I usually have and said deadpan, “this is against my morals and I’m uncomfortable, I’m gonna go study next door for a bit”. (Studying for a university class). They came and apologized later but I can tell things will be awkward for a few work days.

This highlights a couple of my pet peeves:

-Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. Plant based is the diet, veganism is the life philosophy. There’s no “cheat days” in being vegan.

-Veganism is for the animals, not for my health. My health being boosted is an amazing bonus to my way of life, but it’s simply that: a bonus. If I want a cheat day, I’ll go ten vegan cheeseburger, but I won’t eat a single piece of bacon.

Just a rant; what a way to finish a week. If you want to rant with your own stories of similar happenings, feel free to.

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