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Vegan meal for a friend help.

Hi all!

Just to start out I am not vegan but would love to learn more and am very open.

My fiancée is part of a wedding party and they will be coming over in two weeks to plan their wedding and DIY.

plan on using all vegan products to cook this with

Most of the party (4 girls in total) are vegan with some being also gluten free.

I plan on making grilled portobello tacos with lettuce/tortilla wraps, black bean and corn salsa and fresh guacamole.

I was wondering what else I can provide that is also vegan that will compliment the meal. I hope it’s enough for them. I am not a part of the wedding but I love to cook and make my SO happy.

Any advice is welcome and I’d love to learn more about being vegan!

Thank you all!

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