Vegan men are amazing! via /r/vegan

Vegan men are amazing!

I dont want to say vegan men are better than vegan women but i think that sometimes they have it much harder. Because you know “a real man must eat meat to be masculine”. Fuck that. In my opinion a real man shows compassion and love to those who are weak and/or voiceless. To be kind to humans and animals. Thats masculine (and hot)!

So i wanna ask all the vegan men out there. Why you went vegan and how it has affected your daily life? Do you get harsh comments or anything?

My boyfriend was eating meat when we first dated and is now vegetarian but eats mostly vegan. And he shows so much love and compassion. He is so kind and i love him to the moon and back. I know that one day he will be vegan too but i think we should not push people into that because it changes a lot and you have to get used to that lifestyle. Just show them how much you love to be vegan and all the positive aspects behind it. I dont know if i would be vegan by now if someone had pushed it on me. Its a learning process. So please be kind, supportive and patient.

PS: I’m sorry if my english isnt always correct, still learning everyday!

EDIT: I think a lot of people missunderstood me. I didnt mean to be sexist or some sort of things. I want to apologize to everyone with hurt feelings. I think every human being, no matter what gender, sexuality or background, should be treated equaly with love and kindness. Everyone is special just the way they are. Love yourself and embrace that, no matter what negativity comes your way. People always somehow manage that you feel bad just because you arent a “certain” way, but you shouldnt feel bad or discouraged because of them. NEVER.