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Vegan Mexican with limited options

Hi all. I am in Mexico for business for the next six months and am having a hard time diversifying my food. My husband and I are both vegans, but he also insists on low sodium (with the exception of hot sauces) and no sugar, so that makes things a bit difficult. We have a small kitchen (one electric burner and a large pot). Most of the foods we can buy to cook that fit our needs are local produce, canned beans (we drain and rinse them), frozen vegetables, hot sauces because of course, corn tortillas, a brown rice and grain instant rice we found that we LOVE, and tortas. We found beyond burgers but they’re pricey and we’d rather cook fresh as much as possible. He is very health conscious (although we are vegan for the animals), but he isn’t a big fan of green/brown lentils although they are cheap and abundant.

Any help or advice on not terribly difficult foods we can make would be helpful! Maybe something good with brown lentils? We’ve been eating nothing but variations of tacos and tortas for two weeks and they’re good, but I um, I like variety.

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