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Vegan Nutella, with a special ingredient (beans!) and less than half the calories of regular Nutella

First of all, I am Italian and I was raised on Nutella. But growing up I started to notice that it was too sugary for me and also all the other vegan alternatives were too sugary and too fat anyway, sugar being always the first ingredient on the list. Not worth the calories and not so good for your health.

Then I found this recipe on an Italian website and now we always have a jar in the fridge! 🙂

I will translate for you the recipe and the instructions, really hope you like it!

  • take 75 grams of hazelnuts (try to buy the best quality hazelnuts you can find; the hazelnuts are the heart of this recipe) and roast them on a pan for 5 mins (they should start to smell great and be a little bit darker)
  • while the hazelnuts cool down, take 230 grams of cannellini beans and blend them with brown sugar and coconut oil. According to the original recipe you should use 150 grams of brown sugar and 6 tablespoon of coconut oil, but I have been using 2 tbsp of coconut oil and 3 tbsp of brown sugar and it tastes just fine with less oil and sugar!
  • take the bean paste and pour it down a saucepan.
  • take the hazelnuts and blend them with 60 grams of dark chocolate and 45 grams of unsweetend cocoa powder. It should form a paste, so make sure you use a good mixer/blender.
  • pour the hazelnuts paste in the saucepan together with the bean paste. Add 300 ml of soy milk ( I think soy milk is the best choice for this cream)
  • turn the stove/heat on, very low, keep stirring and turn the stove down just a few seconds before the cream starts to boil.
  • Pour it down your jar (see, keeping all those empty jars was the right thing to do!) and let it cool down.

I promise nobody will guess it has beans in, you can spread it on anything your little hearth desire! You can use it on cakes, bread, etc etc When I bake muffins I take a little bit of this special cream and I hide it in the center, it bakes really well. The original version has 242 kcal for 100 grams, my version even less, but you can do as you prefer!

I really hope you enjoy this!

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