Veganism questioned when partner leaves via /r/vegan

Veganism questioned when partner leaves

This weekend my partner and I met up with some friends for the first time in over a year. He and I have been together for 2.5years. He was vegan when we met and I was vegetarian but became vegan before we officially started dating.

My partner left the gathering early and I stayed to play some board games. My friends started talking about ordering a pizza from a non-vegan restaurant. I didn't say anything, so one person asked me what I wanted on it. I said I wouldn't be having any because they don't have any vegan options. "Oh, I thought you would eat whatever since he wasn't in the room."

What?? So I don't have any morals of my own? Do I give off the impression that my personality and life choices are based on who I'm dating? I was so offended, I had no response.

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