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Very VERY simple vegan meals?

I'm sure its been asked 1000 times before but I'd really appreciate people answering for the 1001st time. I've been vegetarian for a while and am slowly cutting out other animal products. I have a very sensative sense of smell which has resulted in me being a really picky eater. This, combined with the fact that I despise cooking, makes it really hard to go full vegan. My main issue is cheese which used to be a big staple for me but now I find i just eat lettuce with some lime juice for lunch since the rice doesn't taste good without the cheese, and I can't make quesadillas. I can't stomache tofu because of the texture and as hard as I try I don't like mushrooms. I'm sorry if this just sounds like complaining but I genuinely get sick if I eat or even smell something I don't like. I understand I have to suck it up and just accept that being vegan means I'll have to actually cook something but I'd still like to find some things that are really easy since I've been such low energy recently.

One saving grace is I'm still eating eggs since we get them from chickens we own who are treated very very well and we love dearly. I also have bananas for breakfast most days and pasta and beans are always great but I can't just live on those alone for the rest of my life. Again I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to be difficult but I really just want to help the animals I love without needing to feel physically ill or exhausted.

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