We need YOU to help us train an intelligent reddit vegan bot! 😱🐤💕 via /r/vegan

We need YOU to help us train an intelligent reddit vegan bot! 😱🐤💕

Hi vegans of reddit!

The Vegan Hacktivists are working on a reddit bot using machine learning/AI which can be called to respond to debunk certain vegan myths.

Hasn't this been done before?

It has indeed! /u/YourVeganFallacyBot was created a couple years ago

Sadly, this bot has gone inactive as it required the creator to manually approve all posts.

/u/animalsupportbot will use MUCH more sophisticated methods of detecting vegan myths with the aim of running completely autonomously. This bot can be summoned to respond to any vegan myth you see on reddit, drastically reducing the time vegans take to respond to run of the mill arguments.

We need your help!


Although the bot is in a semi-working state right now with no training data, we really want this bot to perform better, and to do that, we need some reddit comments to be labelled. We've scraped around 18k comments from /r/antivegan and /r/exvegans and put them in a google sheet for us to collaboratively label. For each comment in the spreadsheet, we'd like you to pick the myth that it belongs to, along with picking out the key sentence that the bot should be picking up on in response to that argument.

Please watch this short and simple instructional video before you begin!

In most cases, the comments will be "N/A", but for the ones which do fit into the categories listed, please select the ENTIRE relevant sentence(s) to copy into the "Key Sentence(s)" column. For example, if the comment is: I'm not sure. The problem is, how do you know plants don't feel pain too? the key sentence should be The problem is, how do you know plants don't feel pain too? (Note that this includes the pre-amble The problem is)


If you think the bot should really be responding to a myth/argument which isn't present in the line-up we have currently, please post here for suggestions! If you're willing to write responses too, that would also be a great help.

Adding new arguments to the bot is fairly simple, so if you have suggestions for arguments that the bot should be able to respond to, please post a comment under this thread with the format:


Argument Title: E.g. What do you feed your pets?

Argument Text: [Argument response]


Can I test it out now?

Yes! You can check and test out how well it's working right now in the test subreddit /r/testanimalsupportbot. It will respond to any comment in this subreddit when called, so feel free to play around with it! It's good to bear in mind that this is an extremely early prototype with essentially no training data, so expect some strange behaviour. (Note: Currently it only responds to comments, not top level text posts.)

How does animalsupportbot work?

This is still an area which we have a good deal of flexibility in, but right now, it uses pretrained semantic embeddings generated from a neural network. If that term doesn't mean much to you, essentially a neural network calculates a vector which summarises any input text, such as a sentence from a comment. We then compare this vector representation of the input text to every argument that we can respond to. If the input text and our argument are very similar, we pick out the counter argument and respond to the comment.

TL;DR – Machine Learning Magic ✨🤖✨

What arguments can it respond to?

Currently it can respond to 30 vegan argument/myths outlined by everyone's favourite internet Vegan activist Earthling Ed (and the responses are taken from his book/vegancheatsheet.org): * Can You Love Animals and Eat Them? * It's My Personal Choice To Eat Animals! * I Love How Animals Taste! * Animals Eat Other Animals * Veganism Is Unhealthy * It's Cultural and Traditional to Eat Animals * Our Ancestors Ate Animals * If the World Went Vegan, What Would Happen to the Animals? * Human Rights Issues are More Important Than Veganism * Plants Feel Pain * Do Animals Feel Pain? * Humans Are at the Top of the Food Chain * We Are More Intelligent Than Animals * Why Farmed Animals Should be Grateful * Can't We Just Improve the Welfare of Animals? * Morality is Subjective * Everything in Moderation * You Can't Be 100% Vegan * What if a Vegan Was Stranded on a Desert Island? * Being Vegetarian is Enough * Hitler Was a Vegetarian/I Once Met a Mean Vegan * What About Farmer's Jobs? * Eating Animals is the Circle of Life * Animals Are Bred to be Killed * Soya Farming is Destroying the Environment * Going Vegan is Expensive and Restrictive * We're Omnivores/We Have Canine Teeth * My Friends and Family Will Judge me if I go Vegan * God Says That I Can Eat Animals * One Person Can't Make a Difference

You can view the response texts of these myths on vegancheatsheet.org

Thank you!