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What’s Your Favorite Vegan Pizza?

I just made a vegan pizza and was thinking this would be a good topic. I'm a New Yorker so I could see this getting interesting with the whole deep dish vs traditional argument. If you're a crust folder though you're in the right place. I've tried a lot of vegan pizzas, but only a few have impressed. Sage in Los Angeles is a winner. The deep dish in Chicago at Kitchen 17 is also top notch. The truffle mushroom pizza at Double Zero in New York is to die for I mean truffle, cashew and mushroom, yes please!

What are your favorites? Make sure to put the location and name of the pizza place. Also, if one pie is better than the other make sure we know.

Here's the pizza I made today on twitch.tv/marleyficalora. I make vegan recipes on there everyday so follow if you're interested.


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