Wtf Bill Gates???? via /r/vegan

Wtf Bill Gates????

So I’m currently reading his book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. In the chapter “How we grow things”, he goes on to say that animal agriculture is bad, raising cattle has so much adverse effect, emissions, burps and farts yadayada. But then, he doesn’t even suggest veganism to his American audience. What the actual fuck man!!

He’s like, oh yeah a “hardcore” vegan would probably say to stop eating meat altogether, but we all know that’s not possible, so don’t worry about it. He doesn’t even say that if it’s something you’re already considering, I encourage you to go for it. Nothing.

I’m so disappointed. He paints this painful picture of what the future will be like if we don’t cut down on our emissions, he knows that at that point, the reader is ready to do anything that’s helpful in that regard. He has the influence. But no, he has to pander to the omnis. He can’t have people saying, here we go again with the vegan bullshit.

I’m a new vegan and I can imagine myself reading this a year ago, and be like, see! Bill Gates doesn’t think that it’s necessary to go vegan. I’m just so disappointed with how this man is using (or not using) his influence.