Your Veganism Matters via /r/vegan

Your Veganism Matters

To all of the vegans in this community: your veganism MATTERS! I am a new vegan (just two days) after having been vegetarian for 5 years, and I feel so whole because of this decision.

I’ve been a lurker on this subreddit for a few months, and I finally caved and watched Dominion after the Fairlife stuff gained traction in the media. It pissed me off to see so many people sharing these videos of animal abuse and doing NOTHING about it. I decided I was done being a hypocrite and done turning a blind eye.

And it was partially because of this subreddit. Thank you for your unwavering beliefs and your devotion to not participating in cycles of violence. Your posts and your veganism changed me, and little by little, I think it is helping change others as well.

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